Friday, 17 July 2009

Clutch - Clutch

"Wash of the Chesapeake and Appalachian Blue Range,
I have discovered the body of John Wilkes Booth.
Yes, it's true, I have Mr. Booth.
Everybody got to make a living somehow.
Do I hear a million?"

If there was ever an album that was made to be cranked to the max, it was this one. This is one of Clutches earlier albums, and also one of there most hardcore. Download this, crank it, and let your head rock naturally to the heavy grooves.


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Teen Cthulhu

Ride the Blade is a fun album from Teen Cthulhu, who Davey aptly described as sounding like 'unfaggy symphonic black metal almost.' This is one of the best Powerviolence bands, and well worth checking out.


Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation + STORMBLOG UPDATE

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation are a Japanese Death/Grind band, and sound like a small dog being stamped on repeatedly by a big boot. They're sort of fun, and this is their first demo. Also I know that they don't look like a Death/Grind band, but take my word for it.



From now on, as I don't want to continue paying for a megaupload account I don't particularly need, I will be switching to the free hosting service MEDIAFIRE. Any questions, just ask. I don't know about the other contributors, but my personal stance is that megaupload, whilst having the megavideo advantage is too expensive. I shall return to megaupload during my university term, most likely.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Blood, Sweat and Tears

"You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life"

Blood Sweat and Tears is a band formed in New York City around 1967. Popularly called "Jazz Rock" they incorporate a good bit of Genre's into there music, including Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Pop. This is there second album and my current favorite (of those I've listened to). They are also pretty good live, I was lucky enough to see them at the Maryland Blues fest this year. Give this one a spin and see how you feel.

Download mothafuckas

Thursday, 2 July 2009


This is the Akira soundtrack, one of my personal favourite OSTs ever, and much better than a lot of what passes for soundtrack work nowadays. Even if you don't like the film, the sheer epic scale of the soundtrack should take you away into a different world.