Saturday, 5 December 2009

Jason Mraz - Selected Recordings

Artist: Jason Mraz
Album: Various Albums
Genre: Acoustic, Pop

Jason Mraz is a singer/songwriter who plays acoustic, funk/rock-influenced pop. He's got a great voice and is almost always accompanied by his friend, backup singer, and djembe player, Noel 'Toca' Rivera. I've given you some of his live albums that feature just Jason Mraz and Toca without the rest of his band. I feel that these show the true nature of his live performance due to the intimate setting and unplugged atmosphere. I've also upped a bootleg that I just downloaded, and it sounds incredible, as good as any commercial recording.

Live at Schuba's Tavern bootleg 01/15/2003
Live at Java Joe's
Sold Out [In Stereo]
Selections for Friends - Live From: Schuba's Tavern, Chicago and Montalvo Winery, Saratoga

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